This course is a look at EVERY SINGLE TONE that i've ever recorded or played live, and how I achieved it. These are my "go to patches" as a guitarist.  Inside of "Get THAT sound" I have answered that question of "how did he do that?".

In this bundle of videos you will get a full training on every single signature "jeffrey" sound, and my exact settings for those sounds. This includes extensive "never shown or taught before" tones and settings!

You will get a dedicated and exclusive video on how I approach delay and reverb and how I use plugin reverb within recording software. This tutorial is not pedal specific, but shows my general approach to using wet effects.

AS A BONUS: Learn how to get great direct "in the box" tone without an amp! Find out exactly how I record straight into the computer, how to make it sound like a real amp, and be able to copy my exact settings!

AS A BONUS:  You will also get ALL OF MY STRYMON PRESETS. That includes every song in the Jesus Culture catalogue saved and loaded into my Big Sky and Timeline as well as my "on the fly" live presets that I use on a typical sunday morning.

This course includes:

+ 90 min of training on how to "Get THAT Sound" 

+ Exact settings on every tone

+ Loads of pro tips and tricks

+ Strymon Presets for BIG SKY and TIMELINE for EVERY SINGLE JESUS CULTURE SONG.  Over 200 Presets!

+ Bonus Video on how to get great direct "in the box" tone without an amp

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Get That Sound
    • Get That Sound Part 1
    • Get That Sound Part 2
    • Get That Sound Part 3
    • Get That Sound Part 4
    • Get That Sound Part 5
    • Get That Sound Part 6
    • Strymon Presets

Your Instructor

  • Jeffrey Kunde

    Jeffrey Kunde

    Jeffrey Kunde is a studio musician in the Northern California region.  He graduated from California State University of Sacramento with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Piano Performance.  Having worked exclusively in the music industry for 10 years, he now works as a producer, session player, and is the lead guitarist for Jesus Culture.

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