Hours of chord and voicing lessons.

Are you tired of the same voicings, inversions, and routines you've been in for years?  Do you know how to find all chords and their different variations, or is it just by chance that you land on a new sounding chord or new voicing.  The guitar actually has hundreds and hundreds of options for voicing chords.  We want to teach you how to learn them all and use them all.  

This class is all about understanding chord building, and breaking through our previous limitations to construct advanced chords and voicings in a systematic and memorable way.  

What We Cover:

+ Inversions all the way up the neck

+ 7th, 9th, 11th and 13th chords.

+ Jazz standards and go to positions for comping.

+ In depth study on the different 7th chords and their possible variations and voicings.  

+ Drop Voicings and Shell Voicings.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Advanced CHORDS And VOICINGS A-Z
    • INTRO
    • Chord Forms, Inversions, 7ths, 9ths, and 13ths.
    • Chord Forms Work Sheets
    • Chords in D Major Cheat Sheet
    • Intro To Jazz
    • Christmas Song Chord Chart
    • Christmas Song Chord Voicings
    • Advanced Chord Voicings Pt 1
    • 7th Chords
    • Advanced Chord Voicings Pt 2
    • 9th Chords
    • Advanced Chord Voicings Pt 3
    • 11th Chords
    • 13th Chords
    • Shell Voicings and the 24 Voicings of a 4 note chord
    • Shell Voicings
    • Drop 2 Voicings
    • Drop 2 Voicings
    • Drop 3 Voicings
    • Drop 3 Voicings in G

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