Master the complications of the stage performance.

Do you ever feel like you're underprepared? Do you feel like playing live comes with a lot of curveballs, audibles from the leaders and singers, problem solving, and a general sense of "I have no idea how this going to go"? 

This class tackles the hurdles we face as electric guitarists on a live stage.  Everything from proper preparation to problem solving, the world of live guitar can be complicated. This class nails the issues and topics you are encountering on your stage on a weekly basis.

What We Cover

Preparing yourself for success in your practice room

+ How to cover both Rhythm and Lead electric roles at the same time. 

+ Creating a great monitor mix

+ How to effectively trouble shoot your gear and solve problems quickly

+ Being a Music Director

+ The relationship with Front of House

Course curriculum

  • 1
    World of LIVE Guitar
    • INTRO
    • Prepare for Success
    • 1 Electric 1 stage - How to play Lead and Rhythm Guitar at the same time
    • Creating The Perfect Monitor Mix
    • The Real MD
    • Trouble Shooting Your Live Rig
    • Interacting with FOH
    • Live Acoustic Guitar
    • Getting Big Tones from a quiet amp on a small stage
    • Behind The Scenes With FOH Daniel Ellis, Monitor Engineer Aaron Padilla, and guitarist James Duke

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