Being a modern guitarist is about so much more than just shredding on the guitar.  It's about being relevant to today's modern music industry. It's about being tasteful.  It's about being creative.  It's about your confidence.  It's about your path of growth.  It's about making people think you're a musical genius.  

This class is all about  developing your musicianship as a relevant guitarist.  Become the guitarist producers want to hire. Become the guitarist artist's want to take on tour.


+ Understanding and Using Melody in your playing. 

+ Understanding and using Harmony in your playing

+ Knowing your role on stage, whether as a lead guitarist or rhythm guitarist.

+ Develop your creativity and ability to write parts

+ Learn to Improvise on command, perfectly, as if you were laying down a final take for a record.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Developing Your Musicianship
    • Introduction
    • The Characteristics of Melody
    • Role of a Lead Guitarist
    • Overcoming Your Writer's Block
    • Becoming The Best Rhythm Guitarist You Can Be
    • Masterful Improvisation Part 1
    • Masterful Improvisation Part 2
    • Two - Part Harmony

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