Learn to record your guitars the right way and get professional level results.

Do you struggle to know exactly how to record your guitars the right way? Do you feel like you are getting lucky with your studio sessions some times, but other times can't seem to get the quality of tracks that you want?  

This class is all about understanding the process of recording electric and acoustic guitar. From the microphone all the way to exporting your final tracks to be mixed, we teach you every step in the process to deliver the content and quality that hiring producers are looking for from studio musicians.    


+ Signal Chain and Layering tracks to fill out your sessions.

+ Acoustic Guitar in the Studio

+ Understanding Phase, Subtractive EQ, Compression, and the proper use of plug ins.

+ A start to finish look at recording in Ableton Live , from importing, to setting up your session, to exporting for mix. 

Course curriculum

  • 1
    World of Studio Gutiar
    • Introduction
    • Micing, Signal Path, Tracking and Layering
    • Acoustic Guitar in the Studio
    • Understanding Phase
    • Subtractive EQ
    • Compression and Guitar
    • Recording In Ableton 101

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