Learn all about the relationship between mics, amps, pedals, effects, guitar settings and physical touch that combine to make or break your tone

Do you struggle to get consistent tones? Does your tone sound different from gig to gig? Do you have complaints that your tone is "too harsh, too muddy, too thin, too un reliable, too dramatically different in volume" ?

This class is all about understanding the principles of building guitar tones.  


+ What to look for when dialing in your amp

+ How to dial in and combine drive pedals to make usable awesome sounds.

+ The proper use of delays, reverbs and wet effects so that you maintain your tonal clarity and integrity, while creating incredible sound scapes.

+ How EQ can be used to not only fix problems, but add limitless dynamic to your playing.  

+ A look into the world of Digital Guitar

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Crafting Your Tone
    • Introduction
    • Dial in your Amp
    • Dial in your drive
    • Dial in your delay and reverb
    • Using The Low Pass Filter
    • Get Great Direct Tone
    • Kemper and Helix Patches
    • Chandler Screen Shots

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