Want to play by ear on any instrument?

This 2 part video series is for you. Every musician needs to know the Nashville Number System and have a well trained ear.  This 2 part video series is a fast track to teaching you all the basics of music theory you need to know in today's modern music industry.  This series will teach you how to understand chord progressions and key signatures, and will jump start you on your journey of training your ear to hear and decipher chord progressions without sheet music.  Continue your musical journey here with this must-have knowledge from expert teaching.  

Video Series Includes:

+ 90 Minute Workshop

+ Refresher course on the basic music theory

+ In depth explanation of the Nashville Number System

+ Helpful memorization and implementation tricks 

+ A easy-to-use and implement method of Ear Training for you and/or your team

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Music Theory For The Music Industry
    • The Chromatic, Major and Minor scales
    • Intervals
    • Triads, Transposing, and The Nashville Number System
    • Inversions and Expanded Chords

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